Symptoms of Depression
Are you depressed? The symptoms of depression may surprise you. Read more and see if you or a loved one suffers with depression.

Health Check: Are You More Than Just Sad or Down?
The WebMD Depression Health Check explores and evaluates your personal health and lifestyle history to help you manage your health
and your family’s health better.

*Taken from WebMD
Bipolar Support System
Depression Types
All depression types are not the same. Learn about the different types of depression, the signs and symptoms, and talk to your doctor
about treatment.

Major Depression
Read about the causes and symptoms of major depression and the available treatments. Talk openly with your doctor if you have these
major depression symptoms because help is available.

Chronic Depression (Dysthymia)
Chronic depression or dysthymia is a milder form of depression that affects millions. Find out if you or a loved one has chronic